About us

OÜ B&W Metall was established in 2007, combining Estonian and German experience in the metalworking industry.

We specialize in the production of small and medium-sized constructional steel structures. At the moment we produce more than 300 metric tons of finished details per month.

Construction details for high-bay warehouses take up a significant part of our production. These details have been used in the construction of industrial buildings by many well-known companies in the car industry, as well as pharmaceutical, electronics, food and other industries.

We export our products to several Eastern, Central and Western European countries, Scandinavia, the USA and Mexico.

In order to ensure flexibility and security of supply, over the years we have established a production capacity which enables us to carry out all important work processes within the company.

Why choose us?

  1. Our team has decades of experience in the field of metal processing, both from Estonia and Germany.
  2. Our guiding principle is to ensure quality and security of supply.
  3. Our goal is a satisfied customer and a durable working relationship.
  4. We arrange logistics and deliver the products to the destination desired by the customer.

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OÜ B&W Metall
Registry code: 11377067
VAT No.: EE101172264

Postal address:
Vabriku 17
Vahi alevik
Tartu vald, 50103

Jalaka 85
Soinaste küla
Kambja vald, 61709

Contact details:
+372 530 575 24

Plasma cutting services:
+372 51 961 155

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