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Implementation of quality and environmental policies ensures the continuous operation of our main processes in conformance with the requirements of the quality and environmental policy standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Our production complies with the requirements for the ISO 3834-2 welding quality management system and the EN 1090-1 internal production control system.

B&W Metall OÜ produces constructional, agricultural and industrial metal structures.

The operations of B&W Metall OÜ are based on the high quality of metal works in conformance with all requirements, including existing environmental requirements and the customer’s requirements, which help us remain competitive in both price and quality, as well as the level of services offered to clients.

In all aspects, including the aspects of environmental management, we focus on ensuring quality and control. We prevent environmental pollution with all means available to us and strive to immediately notify the public of possible environmental impact.

B&W Metall OÜ fulfils all obligations arising from orders, contracts and legal acts, and creates a strong basis for achieving the satisfaction of all stakeholders. We prioritise complying with the requirements of our clients and partners and responding flexibly to changes in the surrounding economic environment, which is expressed in the principle of constant improvement of our activities. Maintaining the competence of our employees is based on systematic training and implementation of the necessary motivation systems.

Jaanus Ljahov
Member of the Board
B&W Metall OÜ