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Work Process

In most cases, our cooperation with customers has one of the following patterns:

  • Working drawings by the customer – execution by us

We make the necessary structures on the basis of the working drawings. At the request of the customer, we arrange for transport to the desired destination, regardless of the country of destination.

  • Idea/design by the customer – the elaboration and execution by us

Based on the drawings commissioned by the customer from an architect or interior designer, we design the desired product, carry out the necessary measurements at the site, produce and install the product at the desired stage.

  • Customer’s need – our design, elaboration and execution

In cooperation with the customer, we start the work process from the very beginning (stage 0). We do the designing and planning works, produce and install the product at the desired stage

Below there are some examples of the solutions designed by us up to the elaboration and execution:
Näide 1

Näide 2

Näide 3

Recommendations and advice to the customers who commission staircases and fences with steel structures: